Quality policy

Quality Policy of Design&QC Company is based on the modern market-oriented principles, with the aim of meeting the requirements, needs and expectations of customers of our services in the areas of traffic infrastructure, facilities at roadways, geotechnical engineering, professional and technical supervision and other related services ...

In order to realize this thing it is needed to:

  • Continuously develop the company with the intention of positioning the company as a leader in its field
  • Behave as a responsible member of society, taking into account that our sustainable development is aligned with the interests of the wider community
  • We work in order to last and that our end user is satisfied
  • Constant monitoring of the quality of the work and continuous improvement based on information obtained from the field
  • To be fully compliant with all applicable standards, laws and regulations
  • Develop and adopt new technologies and products
  • Continually increase the efficiency and effectiveness of work

DIRECTOR: Muris Korjenić, Ms.Civ.Eng.

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